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Batchbud translates data across your production team's software, freeing you up from double entry and providing you the tools to focus on your competitive edge.
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Usable in an hour

Your tasklist never quits. That’s why we threw out the traditional weeks-long onboarding model in favor of starting small & building on incremental wins.

Use our inventory spreadsheet uploader & intuitive recipe builder to kick off a batch in minutes, not weeks.
Usable in an hour
Powerful in a day

Powerful in a day

Ready to ditch manual counting & logging? Watch it happen automatically in Batchbud as you complete purchase orders, execute batches and fulfill sales orders.

Recalls are a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Batchbud’s GMP compliant logs allow you to flag compromised inventory and quickly notify vendors which lots they need to pull.

Life-changing in a month

Now that you've trimmed out the manual work, it’s time to strengthen your competitive edge and take your business to the next level.

Batchbud empowers you to optimize and grow based on integrated data insights, rather than hunches and guesswork.
Life-changing in a month

Plays well with others

Batchbud integrates natively with LeafLink and Metrc, but our software adapts to your business processes, not the other way around.
Using business intelligence tools like Looker or Tableau? It's so easy to integrate that we'll help you set it up, free of charge.
Want your accountant to love you? We can integrate with their existing tools, or you can use Batchbud’s purchase order system.

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